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Week 8

posted Dec 22, 2012, 11:29 PM by Kimberly Fares
Just finished a great run! 22 minutes non-stop, my new record. I've been running at my slow pace but I'm super excited to keep up the endurance. Can't wait until I hit that 30 minute mark. After that I'll be working on my speed so that I can complete my 5K within the next couple months. i'm Also trying to get in shape for my June vacation in North Carolina. SUPER excited for that! I've been struggling with a slight pulled muscle in my upper right leg. I took 1.5 weeks off of running to let it heal but I was getting inpatient. This is my 3rd day back running and I always make sure to stretch it out good before and after. It feels fine during the run and right after but once I'm home it acts up again for the rest of the night. It's mostly when I put all my weight on it like getting out of the car or up from the couch. Not really sure what to do about it, but I'm putting the heating pad on it for now. It's frustrating because my mind is ready for a 25 minute run but my body isn't quite yet. Going to keep building my endurance and hopefully I'll be at the 30 minute run mark by the end of jan. I'm excited to spend my christmas and 2 year anniversary in Big Bear. 6 days of relaxation and fun with Russell's family. Also going to bring my running shoes and hopefully get a few good runs in. Can't pass up that beautiful scenery, I just hope it's not too cold. If it is, I'll be focusing on my yoga instead. Maybe it will help stretch out my leg muscle. Well, here's to the holidays... Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!