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Running Week 2

posted Sep 14, 2012, 12:29 PM by Kimberly Fares
I completed several days of my running program. I even advanced to the next time slot 8 minutes of 1 min on and off running. It wasn't too difficult to push myself, which is awesome. Afterwards I did the circuit room to further my workout. Unfortunately, while I was camping I took a bit of a spill on a nighttime hike. My leg was scrapped up and my knee was cut up pretty badly (as it caught my fall). I wasn't able to bend my knee for several days so I decided to take a break from my running program. Us Chemo-patients take longer to heal than normal people! It's feeling better this weekend but I'm heading up to a fabulous Ocean reTreat (put on by b4bc). I'll be staying in a beautiful 5 bedroom-5 bathroom oceanfront house with spa and putting green- HOW AWESOME IS THAT?? Surf lesson for 2 days, daily yoga, and meetings with life coaches and other survivors. I cannot freakin' wait! It's not running- but it's healthy exercise and an active lifestyle! love it! I'll be continuing my running program after I return on Monday.