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Day 11: a little struggle

posted Nov 5, 2012, 9:36 PM by Kimberly Fares
Tonight was day 11 at the gym and I was exhausted. i Started out with a 6 minute walk at a pretty fast pace. I started my 14 minute run and was tired from the beginning. I kept going and around 5 minutes I thought the world was ending! I had to convince myself to keep going. I can rest tomorrow! then around 2 minutes I had to drill it into my head that I could do it.. it's only 2 minutes! I wait at stop lights longer than 2 minutes. It was a struggle but I didn't give up!! I finished the run and walked the 'cool down.' Sooo happy I didn't stop because once you give up the first time, you'll do it again.. Now i get to keep my head up and try for my 15 minute goal on Wednesday or thursday. Taking tomorrow off for chemo #34.