About Kimmy

Hi, I'm Kimmy... i'm Your average snowboarding, beach-going, social butterfly from san Diego! I was diagnosed with stage IV Breast Cancer on November 23, 2011 at the age of 25. I'm currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments at Scripps and I'm 10% away from being in remission!

Kimmy snowboarding in beautiful Big Bear, CA and throwing up peace signs.
snowboarding at Bear Mountain in Big Bear, CA.
march 2011

i'm just livin' my crazy, beautiful life. trying to beat cancer while learning more about health, nutrition and myself.

I've pretty much been through it all- no insurance, HMO insurance, government breast cancer programs. I've been my own advocate since day one. Making all the phone calls & finding the loopholes to make sure I'm receiving the right treatment at the best hospitals. I have contacted endless financial support programs, helped arrange fundraisers, and spent hours researching government disability programs.

Luckily for me, I have the greatest, funnest, and most supportive family, boyfriend, & friends! I have been apart of in-person & online support groups. I have also participated in young adult cancer surveys & research programs. I hope my knowledge & experiences will someday help many young cancer patients find more information, normalcy, and hope.
Breast Cancer Diagnosis Video
(Courtesy of B4BC)

Kimmy B4BC

Kim with her bald head from breast cancer stands next to her best friend Jane.

Making cancer look good with my bestie, jane. 
May 2012.